Location Scout Earns €25,000 from Finder’s Fees

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We are extremely proud to present Niklas Carlsund, an experienced location scout from Sweden who has been active on Locamundo for a long time.

This Blogg is about the future as we see it. But first, some historical facts: Twenty years ago, we began with a vision of gathering independent location scouts in a shared expert network. We were way ahead of our time, and initially, location scouts saw Locamundo with great mistrust. Those who were particularly established were very protective and suspicious of any cooperation with other location scouts. This has been the case until recently, when a younger generation of location scouts, who generally take a more relaxed approach to the protection issue, began taking their place. These younger location scouts are focused on sharing information and services online, including through various networks. Just as we predicted, a new way to make money has emerged. We’re seeing more and more established scouts becoming convinced, and we’ll tell you all about one of them in this month’s newsletter.

Niklas Carlsund is a Swedish location scout based in Stockholm.

Niklas is always scouting even when he doesn't have paid assignments. Instead of sitting still, waiting, and worrying about not having any income, Niklas is always looking for new locations. He’s always actively working with his local area. When he sees something interesting in the newspaper or on TV, he scouts it.

As you already know, now even private individuals can register their homes with Locamundo, and by constantly checking for newly added locations, Niklas re-scouts and updates his registry. This is how he has a massive archive of locations ready. Inquiries are regularly made whether he has any scout assignments or not, so Niklas constantly checks various social media accounts where locations are requested.

Slowly but surely, production companies began to understand the gold mine Niklas had built. Nowadays,

Niklas also shares locations with other scouts who are working on large projects but may be stuck in their own location searches.

Locamundo has recently seen how the finder's fee is becoming increasingly established and accepted.

When Niklas sent us an email a few days ago with the fantastic news that, in addition to his scout assignments, he had made over €25,000 from finder’s fees alone in 2021, we could only tip our hats to and congratulate him.

The road to success!

Follow Niklas’s lead. Build an extensive database of available locations.

Some tips:

• Scout a location as soon as you have the time to do so.

• Make lists of places that may be interesting to scout in the future.

• Spend time integrating yourself into groups on social media. Groups like "We who are from Brighton" and "locationsearches" are your primary target.

Start a Basic account on Locamundo and display up to 100 locations online. You can upgrade your account to display an unlimited number of locations at any time. When you get a location request, you can easily create a location album to send to prospective clients. You can also give your VIP clients direct access to your entire registry of location images. Of course, they can't see any sensitive information—just pictures. Clients will usually spend a while looking through them before contacting you.

And get this: One single finder’s fee is more than enough to pay for your Locamundo account

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