Locamundo is a web-based program for storing, managing, and marketing your locations

  • The internet changes the way people think and work. Productions go faster, and budgets become more and more international, the location scout's job is being professionalized. Locations have become a real business!

  • Many location professionals have created their own location websites. That is a good and efficient way to show locations. But with all these websites it becomes difficult for the client to find the right location. That's why we have created Locamundo...

  • You don't need to be a web programmer, graphic, or web designer to manage text, images, or thumbnails... The Locamundo interface is created by professionals for professionals.

The perfect tool for all independent location scouts

  • You fully retain ownership over the images you upload and responsibility for their content.

  • Locamundo displays only the country and closest city area where the location is situated and your name.

  • To receive more information about a location, the client needs to contact you directly.

  • Locamundo provides a meeting place where location-interested people meet. We do not charge any commission on your business.

  • All business arrangements between you and the client regarding the location are up to your negotiation skills.

More info... call +46 8 41031080
open 8am - 5pm GMT +2
prices from 3.90€ or 3.90 USD per month 

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Edit your images directly in Locamundo

  • Change any of the information.

  • Add more images.

  • Change classification.

  • Set locations offline.

  • Remove locations.

  • Sort locations: off/online, by date, by country, by name, by top locations.

  • A special 'holiday' button sets all of your locations offline for the duration of your holiday!

  • See and search locations on Google Maps (Clients cannot do this).

Make a Portfolio

  • Private portfolio: your private collection of locations available for your clients.

  • Remote portfolio: a special HTML code to put on your homepage.

  • Portfolio link: send a link to your portfolio to a client. Your client can browse your online locations even if you don't have a website.

  • Portfolio logotype: personalize your portfolio with your own company logo.

Create Albums

  • Organize your daily scouting work in an interactive location presentation.

  • Separate each album into sequences according to the script. (e.g. pool locations, road locations).

  • Add personal comments.

  • Let your customers rate locations so you easily see which of them are the favorites.

  • E-mail an album (meeting room) to your clients.

  • Your clients can access the meeting room directly and exclusively on the web; they can add comments on each location: no image readers necessary, no delays anymore, no frustrated clients.

Find your locations back quickly

  • Wherever you are, with your username and password, you always have access to your location files, 24/7.

  • Find locations by name, telephone, country, file number, or any other text you used during uploading.

  • Find locations with classification.


Cancellation Policy

Location professionals and Location owners subscribe to Locamundo for a period of a minimum of 1 month.

Cancellation of the subscription is possible at any moment but with no refund of the already paid period.

If payment for your account is not completed, don't worry! We've got you covered. Your account will be automatically put on hold until you're ready to take action. During this time, your valuable locations will be safely stored in the Locamundo database, ready for you to access whenever you're ready to proceed.

To cancel your subscription with Locamundo, send an email to info@locamundo.com or cancel your account from your account pages.

Your locations and your account will be kept in the Locamundo database for one year if you change your mind and want your account back. After that, the account will be deleted permanently.

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In order to keep the Locamundo database uniform, we need some strict rules to be followed when uploading images

  • To ensure a seamless and organized experience, it's important to distribute a series of location images according to their respective locations.
  • Each location should have its own set of images, allowing for clear representation and easy navigation. We kindly ask that you avoid grouping multiple images from different spots under a single location-heading.
  • Remember, variety is key! Feel free to showcase different images for each location. This allows you to highlight the unique features and ambiance of each setting, giving your audience a more visually captivating experience.
  • When uploading images, please ensure that they are specifically related to the location. We're here to maintain the integrity of our platform as a dedicated space for location content. Therefore, we kindly request that you refrain from uploading castings, animals, family pictures, logos, announcements, or any other images that are not directly related to locations. Uploading such content may result in the immediate blocking of your account.
  • Just a friendly reminder: When uploading images, it's essential to be the rightful owner or copyright holder. Respect for intellectual property is fundamental to our platform, and we want to ensure a fair and secure environment for all users.

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Logos and watermarks in the images

At Locamundo, we value transparency and integrity, which is why all images uploaded onto our platform are displayed with Locamundo watermarks by default. However, we understand that you may want to showcase the full beauty of your own locations, which is why we've made it super easy for you to "turn off" the watermark feature at any time. This gives you full control over the presentation of your locations, allowing you to tailor your content to your specific needs.
In order to maintain the quality and credibility of our platform, we kindly request that any submitted images do not have watermarks other than Locamundo's brand name. By following these guidelines, we ensure that all content showcased on our platform is of the highest standard and upholds our commitment to quality assurance.

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