Locamundo lets you rent out your private or corporate property for movie recordings or photo sessions.

Film and photo industry has an insatiable need for locations where you want to make different types of recordings and photographs. 

Locamundo is a web site for direct contact of locations. This direct contact means that the customers who are looking for locations can make direct contact with you and therefore you also retain all the compensation for the rental itself.

Although this is a new web service, Locamundo is not a new company. We've provided tens of thousands of locations for recordings around the world for exactly 20 years this year.

Our service is used for 80% of film and 20% of photo sessions. 
Advertising accounts for almost 60% of the productions and 40% are different types of drama productions.
All types of places are interesting. Of course, most exciting and traded are all kinds of different homes — apartments, houses, summer houses, castles, etc.

But also Restaurants, party rooms, conference rooms, cinemas, forests, lakes, roads, religious buildings, etc. are interesting.

Turn on the TV a regular evening, and you will see how many different types of film sets will be displayed. There are no wrong places. You never know when someone is looking for just such a place that you have.

To rent out space is a simple and enjoyable way to earn extra money if your ad leads to a recording.

Some important things to consider when registering your item at Locamundo.

Please check your contact details carefully so that our customers or we can get hold of you.
Shoot images, only with the camera lying down. (Landscape)
Shoot with the camera in the chest height (approx. 150 cm) and back into the corner of the rooms so that you get as much as possible. Our customers are usually only interested in how the rooms look. Details like the little figurine in the window can be beautiful but are not that interesting for the filmmakers.
Preferably shoot in daylight and always without flash
 If you intend to register via your smartphone, you take the pictures first, and then you register at locamundo.com.



A movie recording is a fun, but also a very odd experience. There will be a lot of people involved. There is a lot of equipment, extras, catering and lots of things that will surprise you.If you are a person who has difficulty taking in many new faces and people who are impulsive and find it difficult to decide, then you should probably think twice before moving on.If you think this sounds fun, then we can guarantee you an enjoyable and exciting experience that will also give good money in your pocket.

You can send questions to us at support@locamundo.com, and we will answer these as best we can.

Please note that you must write your questions in English or Swedish.

We have also made a more detailed checklist that is good to look through before renting out your property. You will find it under this link. CHECKLIST FOR MOVIE RECORDING