Did you know that you can earn extra money by renting out your home for film shoots?

A typical compensation can be around 1,000 € per day, and you can contribute to the production of exciting films. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to have your home featured in movies while earning an additional income? The price may vary depending on the property and its characteristics. We do not charge any commission, the entire rental amount goes to you.

If you want to create an ad and showcase your home, our BASIC account is the way to go.

Easy to start

You don't need to have all your information ready when you create your account. You can create the account first and then add pictures and other details like address and description later.

Flexible and customizable

You can edit your ad at any time during your account. You can easily change and update your pictures, which is great if you want to show different seasons or if you make changes to your property.

Take your account with you

If you move, you can easily take your account with you. Log in and replace pictures and information with the new ones for your new property.

New affordable prices, from €4.90 per month

With a BASIC account, you now get the same terms and prices as professional location scouts. 

Unlimited number of places

You can store an unlimited number of locations in your BASIC account. You can show one property at a time, but each location can have unlimited pictures. This is perfect if you have several properties you want to rent out alternately.

Upgrade to BASIC+ from €9.00 month

If you have multiple properties or partner up with others, we have an upgrade to BASIC +. With BASIC +, you can showcase up to 100 locations, still with an unlimited number of pictures per location.  

New payment system

We have also switched to the Stripe payment system, one of the world's largest online payment systems. This makes it easier for you to manage your account, whether it's renewing, upgrading, or ending it.

To celebrate the launch of this new account, we want to give you an exclusive premiere discount.

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Make sure to take advantage of this offer and start earning extra money by renting out your property to the film industry.



Film productions that found locations with the help of Locamundo.


Barracuda Queens (TV Series 2023– ) - IMDb

Meningen med livet - TV-serier online - Viaplay

Young Royals (TV Series 2021– ) - IMDb


Locamundo helps you rent private or company-owned property for film and photo productions.

Rent out your home for filming. Normal payment is approx. €1000 - 1500/day.


We charge no commission; you receive the entire rental payment.


Locamundo is a platform that allows direct contact between film companies and location owners (you). This direct contact means that our clients looking for locations contact you directly, without using us as agents. For this reason, it's only right and fair that you keep the full payment.

Although this is a relatively new service, Locamundo is not new. We have provided thousands of locations to the film industry since we started our business over 20 years ago.

Many people have a wrong idea of what can be rented out.

All kinds of places are interesting. We mostly convey places like villas, apartments, mansions, and castles. But, places like restaurants, party rooms, conference rooms, cinemas, lakes, roads and a whole of others are also interesting. Turn on your TV on a normal evening. Every time you see a new scene, someone has been searching for that location. There are really no bad spots or good spots; it always has to do with what is being sought after at the time. Maybe someone right now is looking for exactly what you've got to offer. Renting out your home is a simple and fun way to make money.

Some important things to consider when registering your location at Locamundo

Please check your contact details carefully so that our customers or we can get hold of you.


Shoot images only with the camera lying down. (Landscape)

Shoot with the camera at chest height (approx. 140 cm) and back into the corner of the rooms to get as much as possible. Our customers are usually only interested in how the rooms look. Details like the little figurine in the window can be beautiful but are not that interesting for the filmmakers.


Preferably shoot in daylight and always without flash


A movie recording is fun but also a very odd experience. There will be a lot of people involved. There is a lot of equipment, extras, catering, and lots of things that will surprise you. If you have difficulty taking in many new faces and people who are impulsive and find it difficult to decide things, you should probably think twice before moving on. If you think this sounds fun, we can guarantee you an enjoyable and exciting experience that will put good money in your pocket.


You can send questions to us at support@locamundo.com, and we will answer these as best we can.

Please note that you must write your questions in English or Swedish.


We have also made a more detailed checklist that is good to look through before renting out your property. You will find it under this link. CHECKLIST FOR MOVIE RECORDING



Good luck