Locamundo is the meeting place where Location scouts gather and promote their business and locations.

You who seek locations will find lots of reputable location scouts who will give you the best possible service. Locamundo is a direct link between clients and location scouts. Locamundo itself does not charge any fee, provision, or costs for the services of locations. The location scout does, however.

When showing your clients or co-workers the locations that suit the brief, you simply make an album with the locations and send the link to the client. The client can then grade the locations and make comments about them.

Locamundo consists of several thousands of locations. You can easily download the photos and make pdf files, in order to use the locations when pitching to clients or other internal jobs.

Make a Location Request

If time is short, you may use our brand new tool, Make a Location Request. You simply write your request and then post it to Locamundo. We´ll make sure it will reach the proper location scouts first, as well as scouts outside the system.

Locamundo is a quality seal.

For our FIXER and PRO accounts, we apply quality controls in order to guarantee the best result. When you search in Locamundo, you´ll see which category a location scout belongs to through a symbol by the scout's name.

Locamundo Public

In addition to location scouts, there are also locations from private companies and private individuals in our general location register. Of course, you cannot count on these location presentations having the same high standard as locations that have been visited by established scouts, but we are convinced that these locations will be an excellent complement to the archive. It will be clearly visible in the search results which sites have been uploaded by private individuals.

Your search account could be valid from a couple of days to an entire year.