Together we are stronger

Locamundo is and has always been the best friend of location scouts. In recent years, we have seen this profession change dramatically, and we have responded with our new update in 2019. At a time when many world leaders are unequivocally calling for isolation and protectionism, we believe that by working together, we are stronger and more secure. The future is always built on sustainable networks.

We see a world where information is an economic asset.

Today's scouts need to have social skills and regularly outcompete traditional service production companies, which has long been inevitable. Previously, service production companies were big companies with strong muscles. Nowadays, they are getting smaller since they canít afford to keep their staff. Why go to an expensive service production company that has to use to freelancers when you can hire a cheaper fixer who has better skills and is doing the same thing? These intermediaries are not required anymore. Fixers have the advantage of working across the entire field and often have vast networks of contacts. Film production companies don't care who finds a location. They care only about getting quick results, which makes Locamundo perfect.

Some of the biggest changes in this update are as follows:

Locamundo Public

Private people and companies can now register their properties in Locamundo. This will produce a massive influx of new locations for both location scouts and clients. We allow direct contact without having Locamundo as an intermediary.

PPP (purchasing power prices)

Over the years, location scouts and clients from some countries have told us they can't afford Locamundo. We listened and for all accounts, our prices are now fairer. Countries with weaker purchasing power are charged up to 50% less permanently on all accounts.

Free search without registration

We have got rid of the 3-hour free account. Now, anyone can search for Locamundo for free.

Location requests

Enter location requests directly in Locamundo. With a single location request, you can reach all the scouts registered in Locamundo, as well as the scouts who regularly visit us to search for jobs. So, you can reach hundreds of scouts with just one post.

We have redesigned the entire website and updated virtually all its features. Our two main principles are of course untouched:

Free location scout account.

We will always offer this FREE step-in account with limited functions. It comes with unlimited storage of locations on our servers, and you will also be listed free of charge in our searchable directory of location scouts.

You'll never get ZERO results.

It sounds almost magical, but our search engine delivers guaranteed results when searching. Choose from almost 2000 predefined keywords in five languages.

Who are we?

Locamundo is a Swedish company based in Stockholm. Locamundo is a relatively small family company with nearly 40 years of film and photo production experience.
Locamundo was built and produced by Mild Media, Gothenburg.
Our vision is to make Locamundo the world's best and obvious choice for people working with locations. Visions are impossible without visionaries, and our aim to make them work for you. If you choose us, we promise that we will always give you the best customer experience ever.