Film Producers; Who are they?

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Looking at the film industry through dispassionate eyes, one could deduce one thing: the industry, like most, is actually about creating and selling products. Like any commodity, a film starts when an idea is born. Of course, there has to be someone to champion the idea, and you guessed it- that person is the film producer. What exactly does it mean to be a film producer?

From Script to Screen
The longest part of film production is the development phase; it can take years, yet there is no assurance that the film will test the dark of a cinema. Film producers work in tandem with script writers, directors, and creative actors, to turn hundreds of script pages into a film. Typically, it's the producer's responsibility to ensure that the film contains high-profile actors (at least one), for the project to be a hit.

Source of Inspiration
Getting the best from actors and investors is perhaps the most important thing a producer does. They inspire actors and investors to commit their creativity and chunks of money respectively, on a project with very high chances of market failure (we must be honest here). Remember, the final consumer exists in a cinema room, only for a few hours.

Generally, film producers contract various experts, including lawyers, photography directors, accountants, and production managers, to aid in the process of film production. The amount of work that is contracted out depends on the budget of the film.

Seeking Funds and Delivering
There are countless investors out there, who can finance a film from start to finish, and it is the responsibility of a film producer to bring them on board. However, all of them have expectations, which must be met, and this is one of the most challenging parts of a film producer’s job. One simple mistake, like a particular actor pulling out of the production process, could lead to a massive exodus of investors from the project. Producers must ensure that the final product does not significantly deviate from what the investors expect.


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