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Making a film requires an enormous amount of time, money and effort. Striking a balance between organising camera crews, actors, scriptwriters and everyone and everything in between requires endless hours of hard work. That’s why outsourcing various jobs can help lighten the load and reduce stress levels. One way to achieve this is by hiring a specialised location agency, who bring together experience and expertise in discovering the perfect set for your movie.

An array of film location scouting agencies are available throughout the US, with heavy concentrations of companies found in the country’s most movie friendly hotspots, such as Los Angeles and New York. With so much choice at hand, it’s important to select the best fit for you. First, make sure the agency offers a wide variety of locations, ranging from natural landscapes to diverse buildings and structures. Filmmakers seeking unique or exotic settings will need to hire a team with numerous contacts across the country, if not, further afield, to ensure the location meets and hopefully exceeds expectations.

Another important aspect to consider is the legality of filming in certain regions or areas. Respected location agencies will be adept in dealing with the reams of paperwork that go hand in hand with securing admission to your preferred locale. Gaining permission from estate or building owners or approval from government bodies involves negotiating plenty of red tape, so opt for a company that can take care of all legal administration with ease.

Once the agency has made a list of suitable selections, it’s essential that they offer the opportunity for you to visit each location. Viewing sets online or through photographs simply does not provide the complete picture. Many filmmakers and indeed movie fans agree that using the correct location can make or break a production. Therefore, visiting in person is the only way of deciding whether that stranded beach or glamorous penthouse captures and fulfils your vision to perfection.


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